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Changelog for Groovy 2.4.2


  • [GROOVY-3519] - Compilation error incorrectly thrown for covariant return types when original method is private
  • [GROOVY-6800] - Compilation error when calling method that has Optional<Closure> parameter
  • [GROOVY-7008] - JsonOutput / Groovy JSON Builder do not escape special characters in map keys
  • [GROOVY-7034] - groovydoc for package-info embeds doc within the <h2> tag -- creates malformed HTML
  • [GROOVY-7045] - commands return value false is ignored
  • [GROOVY-7047] - Static inner class crashes compiler when it references parent's this
  • [GROOVY-7182] - Static type error when using generic methods and Closures as parameters
  • [GROOVY-7191] - CompileStatic Will Not Allow Instance Method In Trait To Call Static Method
  • [GROOVY-7211] - @CompileStatic: A method which has default value parameter and generic return type will cause type checking error
  • [GROOVY-7242] - calling trait method inside closure causes compiler error when CompileStatic is used
  • [GROOVY-7281] - IOGroovyMethods.withStream should use the stream type as the ClosureParam, not simply InputStream
  • [GROOVY-7290] - Shell Does Not Accept Triple Double Quote
  • [GROOVY-7299] - Cannot create two lists of length 1000
  • [GROOVY-7308] - Change In MetaClass Behavior
  • [GROOVY-7309] - Incorrect args processing in, String, List)
  • [GROOVY-7310] - getGeneratedMethods is missing from the type checking DSL
  • [GROOVY-7322] - Problem With Static Trait Methods
  • [GROOVY-7324] - Incomplete generic type inference for notation
  • [GROOVY-7327] - TypeChecking Error when combining generic method and Java Enum
  • [GROOVY-7332] - Groovysh help and doc commands should use instead of
  • [GROOVY-7333] - Incorrect inferred type in instanceof check of array
  • [GROOVY-7339] - DocGenerator doesn't understand generics placeholders
  • [GROOVY-7343] - Access to java.lang.Object is forbidden
  • [GROOVY-7344] - JsonSlurper parses badly formatted numbers.


  • [GROOVY-4136] - gapi document generation ignores access modifiers set on groovydoc
  • [GROOVY-7257] - groovydoc's help option is misleading
  • [GROOVY-7317] - Add primitive array sum() and sum(initialValue)
  • [GROOVY-7326] - Add FileTreeBuilder
  • [GROOVY-7347] - Optimize initialization of char constants
  • [GROOVY-7348] - Primitive char comparisons are not optimized
  • [GROOVY-7349] - Optimize foreach style loops on arrays