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The Groovy mailing-lists is the main means of interaction with the Groovy developers and Groovy users.

Available lists

users@groovy.apache.orghigh volume list for questions and general discussion about GroovySubscribeArchiveUnsubscribe
dev@groovy.apache.orgmedium volume list useful for those interested in ongoing developmentsSubscribeArchiveUnsubscribe
commits@groovy.apache.orgmedium volume list that logs commitsSubscribeArchiveUnsubscribe
notifications@groovy.apache.orghigh volume list for JIRA and Github notificationsSubscribeArchiveUnsubscribe

Mailing-lists archive on MarkMail

The mailing-lists are archived on MarkMail. You can browse recent emails.

Mailing-lists archive on Nabble

The mailing-lists are archived on Nabble. Below you can see the archives of the lists. Even if you can post messages to the mailing-lists through Nabble, you first need to be registered to the Apache Groovy mailing-lists!

Nabble forum