Changelog for Groovy 1.9.0-beta-3


  • [GROOVY-3495] - LinkageError when obtaining a Cipher instance in a multithreaded environment
  • [GROOVY-4699] - Observable List misbehaves when using retainAll with closure
  • [GROOVY-4711] - Standalone stub generation task fails resolving classes
  • [GROOVY-4832] - when two java classes extend a groovy class, both subclasses have a metaClass for whichever subclass was loaded first
  • [GROOVY-4863] - 1.8 incompatibility with named parameters
  • [GROOVY-4910] - groovy.bat fails when the JAVA_OPTS contains space characters
  • [GROOVY-4937] - Sorting an ObservableList instance results in IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [GROOVY-4938] - VerifyError related to byte arrays
  • [GROOVY-4939] - groovyc compilation problem for return values with generics
  • [GROOVY-4940] - Groovy Console Icon for OSX still broken
  • [GROOVY-4942] - groovy.bat can't run if PATH contains parentheses
  • [GROOVY-4944] - Presence of "assert" unexpectedly changes program semantics (in Groovlet)
  • [GROOVY-4951] - VerifyError - Expecting to find integer on stack
  • [GROOVY-4952] - VerifyError - Virtual method call from a static context
  • [GROOVY-4953] - NPE possibly related to PojoWrapper
  • [GROOVY-4964] - static import overrides explicit class name when getting property
  • [GROOVY-4965] - shim classes generated incorrectly in 1.8.1 (was fine in 1.8.0) for some static inner-class usages
  • [GROOVY-4968] - BUG! exception when using spread operator
  • [GROOVY-4978] - SecureASTCustomizer blacklist is ignored inside method body
  • [GROOVY-4983] - Integer multiples of 256 evaluate to false.
  • [GROOVY-4984] - JsonOutput.toJson(object) does not handle char[] correctly
  • [GROOVY-4994] - wrong delegate for ComposedClosure


  • [GROOVY-4947] - Little improvement in code generated for equals() by @EqualsAndHashCode ast transformation
  • [GROOVY-4949] - Groovy should provide CharSequence variants for most its DGM String methods
  • [GROOVY-4960] - SwingBuilder.doOutside should use a ThreadPool
  • [GROOVY-4961] - SwingBuilder should set the node's name property with the value of the id property if no name is set
  • [GROOVY-4962] - SwingBuilder binding updates should happen inside the EDT if the target is an UI component


  • [GROOVY-4278] - extend int math improvement to char, byte, short and mixes of those including int
  • [GROOVY-4559] - enable more direct super constructor calls