Changelog for Groovy 2.5.0-rc-3


  • [GROOVY-5912] - Static compilation: Groovy doesn't fail compilation when accessing package scope methods, but fails at runtime
  • [GROOVY-6167] - Generics: within a single declaration, generic type definition order matters
  • [GROOVY-6632] - CompileStatic selects wrong constructor when GString is a parameter
  • [GROOVY-6742] - Groovy is unable to resolve this Generics use case
  • [GROOVY-6938] - Wrong error reported by @CompileStatic when overriding a method returning a parameterized value
  • [GROOVY-7031] - @CompileStatic breaks assign in combination with dereferencing
  • [GROOVY-7204] - Static type checking and compilation fail when multiple generics in use
  • [GROOVY-7691] - Type checking error on generic property with covariant type in subclass
  • [GROOVY-7753] - regression of return type from ternary operator
  • [GROOVY-7883] - Static compiler prefers private constructor over public if private matches better
  • [GROOVY-7985] - Wrong "incompatible generic type" error
  • [GROOVY-8055] - @CompileStatic improperly orders parameter types
  • [GROOVY-8059] - STC overloaded generic method selection not using resolved types
  • [GROOVY-8408] - invokeMethod cannot be set through category
  • [GROOVY-8509] - SC: error for call to protected method from same package
  • [GROOVY-8579] - No bytecode level check is done before producing JDK8+ bytecodes
  • [GROOVY-8589] - GrapeMain bugfix: should not show error about missing mandatory args when --help or --version is specified


  • [GROOVY-8556] - Migrate classes depending on commons-cli to picocli


  • [GROOVY-3867] - Allow methodMissing/propertyMissing to be defined through category
  • [GROOVY-8520] - Replace commons-cli with picocli in CliBuilder
  • [GROOVY-8567] - Migrate Groovyc to picocli
  • [GROOVY-8569] - Migrate groovy.ui.GroovyMain to picocli
  • [GROOVY-8576] - Remove Java2GroovyMain dependency on commons-cli
  • [GROOVY-8577] - Migrate to picocli


  • [GROOVY-8379] - Rework groovy-json FastStringUtils
  • [GROOVY-8557] - Verify that CliBuilder-based applications work correctly with picocli version of CliBuilder
  • [GROOVY-8588] - Tweak new groovyc implementation for consistent use of -v and -V switches