Changelog for Groovy 2.3.0-rc-1


  • [GROOVY-6255] - XMLSlurper accessing xml:id
  • [GROOVY-6356] - Working with namespaced attributes awkward with XmlSlurper
  • [GROOVY-6630] - Static compilation confused by factory methods, map initializers and generics
  • [GROOVY-6671] - Types not inferred when coercing closures of generic method return type
  • [GROOVY-6674] - The JsonSlurper returns the wrong value type for floating point numbers.
  • [GROOVY-6692] - trait's groovyProxy class doesn't dispatch String#toString()
  • [GROOVY-6694] - Static method call within trait is not transformed properly
  • [GROOVY-6700] - Deprecate old groovy.util.GroovyAssert class in favor of the new Groovy 2.3 groovy.test.GroovyAssert class
  • [GROOVY-6701] - index entries of same method name are missing in index-all.html
  • [GROOVY-6702] - Trait, public fields & as-operator
  • [GROOVY-6708] - Instantiating traits with generics that extend traits with generics does not compile


  • [GROOVY-5461] - Make MarkupBuilder.getMkp() return MarkupBuilderHelper instead of Object
  • [GROOVY-6698] - Cleanup Gradle build in preparation for Gradle 2

New Feature

  • [GROOVY-6484] - Provide an AST that creates a "fluent builder" for an immutable class
  • [GROOVY-6604] - PojoBuilder New Feature Proposal
  • [GROOVY-6709] - withCloseable{} DGM method for Closeable