Changelog for Groovy 2.1.0-rc-2


  • [GROOVY-3326] - Obscure method getTimeZone(java.util.Date) in org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.TimeCategory
  • [GROOVY-3419] - Groovy fails to launch scripts from Cygwin
  • [GROOVY-5366] - unable to add assertions via compile time transform
  • [GROOVY-5733] - JsonBuilder toPrettyString gen "\"\"" for emtyString it should be ""
  • [GROOVY-5865] - getAt(EmptyRange) not called when passing an EmptyRange to getAt(Collection)
  • [GROOVY-5878] - startGroovy breaks one-liners containing double quotes
  • [GROOVY-5901] - @AutoClone excludes param works correctly only for COPY_CONSTRUCTOR AutoCloneStyle
  • [GROOVY-5906] - StackOverflow with CompileStatic
  • [GROOVY-5907] - Object.with seems to lose typing when generics are used
  • [GROOVY-5910] - Non found static type checking extensions throw unexplicit NPE
  • [GROOVY-5915] - TokenException returns wrong endColumn value
  • [GROOVY-5917] - -configscript option for groovy command.
  • [GROOVY-5919] - Multiple problems with @CompileStatic and abstract inheritance
  • [GROOVY-5925] - Casting map as Random results in java.lang.VerifyError
  • [GROOVY-5926] - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when calling super method in SKIP @CompileStatic section
  • [GROOVY-5927] - JsonBuilder.toPrettyString() incorrect for zero-length String
  • [GROOVY-5930] - -baseScript option for groovy command
  • [GROOVY-5932] - covariant method addition causing call to abstract method


  • [GROOVY-4432] - Provide a way to see generated stub code
  • [GROOVY-4714] - @EqualsAndHashCode should allow caching of hashCode values
  • [GROOVY-5446] - Make @Delegate carry over method annotations
  • [GROOVY-5816] - Add an "encoding" option for Groovydoc tool and Ant task
  • [GROOVY-5905] - NP when AST implementation class lacks @GroovyASTTransformation
  • [GROOVY-5911] - @CompileDynamic annotation
  • [GROOVY-5916] - Provide a way to lookup class nodes from static type checking extension scripts
  • [GROOVY-5928] - @ToString should allow caching of toString values


  • [GROOVY-5904] - Create/Distribute an archive containing source, binary and documentation