Changelog for Groovy 1.7.0-rc-2


  • [GROOVY-3911] - intended behaviour change in 1.7rc1? can no longer set final variable in static initializer
  • [GROOVY-3920] - GroovyConsole: Empty dialogbox remains after script is executed
  • [GROOVY-3925] - Multiple GrabResolvers with Grab don't seem to work, and GrabResolve can't be applied to imports
  • [GROOVY-3927] - Switch's default case doesn't return the value as the non-default cases do
  • [GROOVY-3930] - groovyc does not allow multiple annotations of the same type even if Retention Policy is SOURCE


  • [GROOVY-3872] - GroovyConsole should support a mode where the output is captured in a separate window
  • [GROOVY-3926] - There should be a DGM.subsequences method
  • [GROOVY-3928] - There should be a DGM.permutations() method for Collection